The First Thing I Ever Sewed ‘Tag’ | How Sarah Started Sewing

Hi everyone!

Welcome to the OFFICIAL Sassy Stitches and Designs Blog! I’m so happy to see you guys, and I can’t wait to connect with you over our mutual love of sewing and hand-made stuff! 

On the SSD blog, I’ll be sharing insights, tips, and personal stories about sewing. I’ll also talk about what it’s like to be a “mompreneur” with 3 kids and a business to run!

I thought a great way to “break the blogging ice” would be to share what my very first sewing project was. Like, ever.

Let’s start with the basics!

Who Am I?

I’m Sarah.

I’m a wife, and I’m the mom of three incredible, very active little boys!

I started Sassy Stitches and Designs back in 2016- right here in beautiful Hudson Valley, NY. 

I loved sewing so much and wanted to share my work with others.

I also love making people happy, and bringing a smile to someone’s face through the art of sewing is my purpose.

Sewing had been a significant part of my life since I was little. I was lucky to find ‘the thing’ that made my heart happy, and haven’t given it up since!

This first post is to let you guys get to know a little more about me. As well as show you how easy it is to start sewing! Yes, even if you’ve never held a needle and thread before!

What Was The First Thing I Ever Sewed?

The first sewing project I ever completed was a small square bean bag filled with dried lentils! (kind of like what you would use when playing a game of corn hole. If you’re not sure what “corn hole” is, here’s a pic below so you can get your mind OUT OF THE GUTTER)


ANYWAY, if I remember correctly, the first of these “corn hole sacks” I sewed was made with blue fabric. Like a lot of kids, I chose it because I LOVED that color at the time.

I used a sewing machine under my mom’s supervision (I was eight, after all) to create the project.

Why Did I Choose To Sew This?

Well, to be honest… It looked pretty easy. It was tiny, and the stitches required that I only go in a straight line.

Learning how to use a sewing machine was intimidating. It looks complicated if you’re not sure what all those knobs do- or how to finish off a stitch without it unraveling… 

But once my mom showed me the basics, I fell in love with the process.

Were You Nervous?

I think we all get nervous when we decide to try something new; especially when it’s something that we could “mess up”. Yet, I was 8, so I was more excited than nervous about practicing my new hobby.

But, as soon as my little hands started moving that fabric methodically under the sewing machine needle, I was HOOKED… or threaded… 

(sorry for the sewing pun- I couldn’t resist)

Not to mention, my mom was right there and showed me what to do, so I had a bit of back up! 🙂

How Did It Turn Out?

Ya know what…? For my very first sewing project, it turned out pretty darn okay! It held together without the stitches falling out, and I had a fun time making it.

It boosted my confidence to watch myself improve with every cut, stitch, and hem. I was actually kind of sad when it was over, to be honest!

How Did It Make You Feel When You Finished It? 

So. Awesome. 

It was like one of those “AHA!” moments you hear people talk about but don’t really buy until it happens to you. Even though it was just a simple bean bag, it was something that I had created. 

It was something that I had made with my own two hands. I could not only enjoy the results of my work, but I also fell in love with the act of sewing itself. 

So much so that I ended up making FIFTY MORE bean bags!

Can Anyone REALLY Learn To Sew?


First off, you can do darn near anything you set your mind to. With a little practice and some passion, you can be a confident and competent sewing master!

A simple square bag filled with dried lentils was all it took to ignite my love for this trade. 

And I’m so grateful to be able to share this passion with you.

Sewing has allowed me to meet so many amazing people that I would never have known otherwise. 

It’s allowed me to bond with them in the most rewarding way. I can’t even imagine what life would be like if I hadn’t followed this path. 

Thanks to sewing, I found a career I love. I started a business that makes my heart happy every day, and allows me to spend extra time with my boys!

Even if sewing isn’t YOUR thing, I hope reading this little blurb on how I discovered my passion… will help inspire you to go after yours!

Any Last Tips For Anyone Who Wants To Sew?

While I intend to share tips and tricks about sewing in the future… 

The most important thing I want to impart today is the inspiration to try something new. It doesn’t matter if it’s sewing or painting- or anything else you’ve been too nervous to try to this point.

The first step to finding a new passion is trying new things. 

So, my big tip is to give a new hobby a try and don’t worry about the rest. If it’s something you enjoy, you’ll get better and better every time you do it (which will, most likely, be A LOT).

Be sure to tag me on my Instagram or Facebook with your first sewing projects! I’d love to see what you create! 

Until then, see ya later!

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