Sewing Tools For Beginners | Everything You Need To Get Started

Hi Guys,

As I said in my first SSD post, I want the blog to be a place where I share sewing tips that will help YOU. I want you to enjoy the process of creating something beautiful with your own hands. 

That’s why I’ll use this second post to share my thoughts on what the best sewing tools for beginners are (in my opinion).

A sewing machine can be overwhelming at first. With all its knobs, buttons, and needles, it’s easy to get discouraged from learning how to sew.

But don’t worry! Because you don’t need much to get started! And this post will give you the essential tools you’ll need to learn how to cut and sew clothes as a beginner!

What You Need To Start Sewing

So, I’m going to treat this post as if someone has never even HEARD the word sewing before! That way, EVERYONE can get the confidence to give it a try.

Below is a list of budget-friendly items that you can use to create a very much suitable sewing kit.

I’m not going to include a sewing machine because that’s a choice based on your circumstance. This is especially the case for someone who isn’t quite sure if they like sewing enough to make the investment. 

However, if you do find some enjoyment in sewing, it might be worth saving up for.

Alright, let’s get down to business!


Okay, so the first tool you need will be a needle. It’s kind of… like… THE MOST important tool aside from THREAD or fabric if ya wanna sew.

Needles are super easy to find, and you can usually get a pack of many sizes and styles.

Bonus: Needle-Threading Tool

When you’re buying your needle kit, check if it has a “Needle-Threading Tool”. It’s the little metal-looking thing with the thin wire loop attached to it. 

A needle-threading tool will save you a lot of frustration since you won’t have to fight to thread your needle.

Fabric Cutting Tool

You will need scissors for many aspects of sewing: 

Cutting out patterns

Trimming excess fabric

And snipping thread, for example 

I would recommend getting a good quality pair of scissors.  A pair of scissors might be the most expensive investment (aside from a sewing machine if you choose to go that route), but they’re worth it.

High-quality scissors will improve your sewing experience and keep you from getting hurt.

If you work with just an old pair of scissors you found in the drawer, you run the risk of injury as they dull.

You can even buy a “Rotary Cutting Tool”, which looks exactly like a fancy pizza cutter.

(No, you cannot substitute for the Pizza Cutter in the kitchen drawer- TRUST ME!) 

Is it essential? Nah, but it’s worth mentioning for those who might want to try it out.

Bonus: Thread Snippers

You can certainly use one good pair of scissors. Bu-u-ut… if you want to have an extra handy tool at your fingertips, a pair of thread snipping scissors can help. 

These tiny fellas will make it easier to see any threads or loose ends that you want to snip. This way, you won’t have to wrestle with scissors that may be cumbersome.

Sewing Pins(Glass Head)

You’ll need sewing pins for many reasons. No matter whether you use a sewing machine or choose to hand-sew.

Pins will keep fabric aligned when sewing by hand or with a sewing machine. They also keep a paper pattern in place while cutting the fabric. 


If you’re a tough-guy, I guess you don’t TECHNICALLY need a thimble, but it will make sewing by hand WAY more comfortable. Firstly, thimbles prevent constant finger-pricking. 

Secondly, they also help with fatigue from working with a needle for long periods.

Seam Ripping Tool

Seam-ripping tools will help you… rip seams- why? You may have messed up a stitch, or a piece of fabric, and you need to get rid of the stitches.

Paper Weight(Or Just Something Heavy)

Paperweights are useful for holding down fabric when you need to mark, cut, or pin it. You don’t NEED to go and buy a paperweight specifically. As long as you have something heavy and small that won’t get in your way, you’re good. 

Heck, you could even hand-sew some tiny pieces of fabric together and fill it with sand, if you wanna be crafty! 

Tape Measure

We all probably have an industrial tape measure in our toolbox, but it’s a good idea to pick up one of those teeny-tiny ones from the craft store. With its flexible tongue, you can measure fabric to the size of the project or person you are making it for.

Bonus: Clear Ruler |  Fabric-Marking Tool | Iron

Clear Ruler- You may already have one of these lying around, but if not, they’re not hard to find for cheap. I think it’s pretty obvious why you need one of these.

Fabric-Marking Tool- Pick up a fabric marker or pencil to draw out patterns on your fabric. 

Iron: Another appliance that you most likely already own(and if you don’t, your mom or aunt certainly will). You’ll need Iron to help you press fabric and flatten out seams to give you a more polished look.

You’ll Be A Sewing Master In NO TIME!

It may take longer, but humans have been sewing since well before the invention of sewing machines to help us do it.

I hope this post was helpful for anyone looking for tips on sewing for beginners. May this post has given you the courage to get started!

Maybe if this post is well-received and something you guys enjoyed, I’ll make it into a series. So be sure to leave me your thoughts down below in the comments.

ALSO! If you sew something- PLEASE tag me on Facebook or Instagram! I would absolutely LOVE to see what you made with some or all the tools that we talked about today!

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