About Me

Hi There, I’m Sarah, The Hands Behind Sassy Stitches and Designs!

It’s so lovely to meet you, and I’m so glad that you’re here.

If you can’t tell, sewing is kinda my passion.

I started my own business back in 2016, and I’ve been hand-crafting custom embroidered gifts in the Hudson Valley ever since.

I express myself through sewing because there’s nothing like seeing a finished project bring smiles to my customers’ faces.

It’s like magic.

I discovered my love of sewing and fabric work when I was 8-years-old. I loved working with my hands so much that I taught myself a LOT about the art of sewing- but I was very lucky to have a great aunt who shared my passion, too.

She was always there to offer me helpful tips, or share awesome tools that made cutting and sewing so-o-o much easier!

Even when I was little, I knew I’d work hard for the rest of my life to bring families together with precious and sentimental blankets, stuffed pals, apparel (and more).

As a loving wife, and mamma of 3 incredible boys, I understand how precious time truly is.

That means everything you order will be lovingly personalized, and ready to capture every memory.

Thanks again for stopping by!