Minky Grey Eye-Mask


Whether you just need a quick nap or want to enjoy a well-deserved spa-day, it won’t be complete without the help of this Grey Minky Eye-Mask. Plushy, soft and super cute, these are sure to be your new favorite self-care accessory!

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Sometimes we all need a little time to ourselves- a few moments to just disconnect from the hectic pace of the world, and enjoy some peace and quiet.

Sometimes those moments are harder to find than we’d hope they are. That’s why having a super soft accessory to help block out the world for a little while is exactly what we, or a hard-working someone we love, needs.

That’s why this warmie Grey Eye-Mask is exactly what you need! Luxuriously soft and plush, enjoy a little added pampering whether it’s at night, for an afternoon nap, or even a long plane ride!



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